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Candor Consulting consists of experts in the area of drug discovery and development, agrochemicals, cosmetics and nutraceuticals. The experts have several years of experience in medicinal chemistry, process chemistry, biology, pharmacology, pre-formulation and formulation development, toxicology, cGMP manufacturing, CMC, and regulatory filings.

  • Global Service

    We at Candor work with preferred service providers across the globe (USA, China, India, Europe, Australia and Singapore




    “Facilitating efficient, agile, cost effective solutions to our clients in life science industry for discovery, development and commercialization”.


    We at Candor Cell Tech provide our services through our experienced global leadership team, ad-hoc expert advisors, selected service providers and platform technologies such as Organ-on-chip and in silico AI/ML, Automated catalysis screening for process R&D, Peptide library synthesis for drug discovery , AI/ML based drug development and optimization, Salt and polymorph screening Flow chemistry and process intensification, Physiological based pharmacokinetic models (PBPK).


Srinivas R Papaiahgari, Ph.D

25 + years of experience in preclinical research and development for prophylactic and therapeutic benefits of novel molecules. Design and development of exploratory preclinical research and disease models for evaluating the efficacy and safety of candidate molecules.

Dhileep Krishnamurthy, Ph.D, FRSC

25 + years of experience in global leadership (USA, Europe, China and India) brings an end-to-end perspective from lead optimization to NDA filing in candidate selection, polymorph, and salt screening, process chemistry, green chemistry and cGMP manufacturing to help companies transform and build capabilities applied to drug development, nutraceuticals etc.

Subramanyam Vangala, Ph.D

30 years of the pharmaceutical industry and CRO experience in lead selection, IND enabling studies including GLP toxicology, DMPK, bioanalytical and clinical pharmacology and formulation screening. PK/PD modeling and safe first in human (FIH) dose selection. AI/ML and developing in vitro human disease and efficacy models for optimal clinical trial design.​